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17 02 2008

Its amazing to me that people actually read this blog. I’m terrible at keeping it consistent and updated.

The quick skinny is: I’m still alive, I’ve been busy studying, I’m still questioning whether my boyfriend and I are right for each other, I still eat 6 times a day, I still wish I had biscoff cookies, I still have the best friends and sisters in the world. I still try to treat people the way they want to be treated. Its simple, really.

But the random traffic I get has been soooo amusing to me. Thanks to friends who keep up and the random strangers. Check out what search engine terms have led people to read my blog. Crazy fun.

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Voltron is my Best Friend.

2 11 2007


So, (on the radio) Frank and Wanda were talking about how Seal got Heidi Klum.  Apparently, she saw him in tight bike shorts, and that was that.  As for how Seal keeps Heidi Klum, and for everyone else wondering how that relationship is possible, Seal revealed his secret on Oprah.   http://www2.oprah.com/relationships/slide/20071025/rel_20071025_107.jhtml 

 Seal says his wife is his best friend, first and foremost. “There are certain things that you may take for granted with your spouse, but there are very few things that you really take for granted with your best friend,” he says. “You never really want to let your best friend down. The fundamental thing that you have for your best friend is respect. That’s why I view her first as my best friend…then my wife.

Triple Gold Stars for Seal.  I strongly agree that successful couples consider each other best friends.  Not that your partner can be the only best friend that you have.  I currently have a handful of friends that are best in their respective department of expertise and comfort.  Together, they make a whole bestfriend, kinda like Power Rangers or Voltron.  If you need a refresher,  http://www.voltron.com/main.asp

For a long time I had no best friends.  Up until high school, I had been super self-reliant and didn’t see the need to seek help or confide in anyone.  Then I fell in love for the first time and that man became my all-encompassing best friend for 5 years.  That was a quarter of my lifetime at that point.  Before him, I had never considered anyone else close to being a best friend to me, other than maybe Lara, who talked boys with me (windowshopping).  While I enjoy the Voltron, I am hoping the next great love of my life will be my best friend, and I will be his.  I think its so important to being in love.

Sometimes I wonder if the new guy has the potential to become my best friend.  Its probably too soon to tell, to be fair.  But that’s really a bigger question than whether a man is marriage material.  Its funny, because we’ve already decided we’re both marriage material in the genric sense.  I think it was a week after we met when he revealed that he “wondered if I was wife material”…. I replied, “Of course I am.  I’m the premium stuff.  I cook, I clean, I do laundry, I’m a fully domesticated, independent career woman.”  Which is no lie.  From the time I could walk, I have been groomed to be the perfect career woman housewife.  He’s definitely marriage material in the way you expect a good man to be.  He has his head, heart, and finances on the right path.  Good Credit is a must for me…I don’t care how much you make, as long as you don’t bring down my perfect credit score when I marry you.  To shock some, we’ve already discussed income, budgeting, and who has better credit.  He makes alot more than me, which is great for someone used to dating broke boys; (not that I plan on milking it).  I earned a high-five when I revealed that I my expenses are low enough to take up only the first paycheck of the month.  But that’s all generic, and when it gets to the specifics of compatibility, you start to wonder if a person is right for you.  After getting to know him for almost 2 months, I know he’s a good guy and things are moving along well.  I feel comfortable with him, but not in the same way as I do with other people, probably because he’s still so new and we’re both getting used to each other.  Hanging out with the new guy has made me realize (for probably the first time) how truly comfortable I am with my Voltron BFFs