Future Adventures Kiss List…

February 9, 2009

The best part of being single is having FREEDOM to try EVERYTHING, whether it’s types of foods, hobbies, or types of men.

I have always had a mental list of various men I’d like to get- to- know- well-enough to kiss.  I’m finally putting it down on paper, and opening it up for suggestions, discouragement, personal anecdotes, etc.

Some of these men I have already kissed.  Others are men I’ve met in the past and regret not having kissed.  Others are men I’d like to meet.


(In no preferential order)  Yes, you can laugh at my list.  I am expecting so.

1.  Mr. sing me a serenade

2. Mr. motorcyclist

3. Mr. rock star

4. Mr. musician (instruments)

5. Mr. (pro)athlete

6. Mr. smarter than me

7. Mr. most attractive man at the party

8.  Mr. Wrote a book I actually liked

9. Mr. Fireman

10.  Mr. Most Likely to Succeed

11. Mr. World Traveler

12. Mr. get on the empty dance floor, just you and me, best song ever playing, the rest of the room disappearing

13. Mr. feed me fruit on a cozy morning

14. Mr. make me dinner (homemade)

15. Mr. So pretty he might be gay

16.  Mr. doesn’t need alcohol to have a good time

17. Mr. boyscout

18. Mr. Muscles

19.  Mr. foreign language

20. Mr. Great smile

21. Mr. Draws better than stick figures

22. Mr. Confident

23. Mr. Compettitive

24. Mr. Great with Kids

25. Mr. Likes to go shopping (with me)

26. Mr. Knows how to select tasteful lingerie

27.  Mr. Knows what to say, everytime

28. Mr. Current Events

29. Mr. Tree Hugger

30. Mr.  Awesome Playlist

31. Mr. Open to New Things.

32. Mr. Knows how to fix things around the house

33. Mr. Knows how to fix cars/motorcyles

34. Mr. Football Fanatic

35. Mr. Make-up sex

36. Mr. hug me tight and kiss only the top of my head

37. Mr. surprise me a  with a starbucks cookie

38. Mr. kiss between floors on an empty elevator

39. Mr. Bed & Breakfast

40. Mr. Pick me up at the bus stop when its raining

41. Mr. Fancy Car

42. Mr. Good Listener/Communicator

43. Mr. PDA

44. Mr. Not afraid to walk around shirtless

45. Mr. Not afraid to walk around naked

46.  Mr. started his own business

47. Mr. Knows how to manage money

48. Mr. Compromise

49. Mr. Spontaneous

50. Mr. Great Kiss = Great Sex

For Extra Laughs


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