16 01 2009
That's not a house!  It's a CASTLE!

That's not a house! It's a CASTLE!

Its 55 minutes past my midnight bedtime and I’m contemplating who I can recruit to come on a last-minute adventure to Asheville.  I have already figured out :

HOW (drive 3.5 hours north of ATL)

WHEN (3 day weekend, duh MLK)

HOW MUCH (hotel: $50-$70, food: $20, gas $20, Biltmore pass $40)

WHY ( The Biltmore estate is the largest private residence in the US, and it is pretty cool to visit even if you’re not a history lover like me.  The Vanderbilts were ridiculously rich and lavish that their crib still wows people today.  For instance, they had a heated swimming pool WITH underwater lighting at a time where no one for miles around them even had hot water.  Their home has a private gym, a bowling alley, you get the picture.  I was there a few months ago for the Christmas tour and it was really beautiful, all decorated.)

For the month of January, annual passes for the Biltmore are only $40 with amazing perks.  A typical one day admission is $33 for adults, and if I can make it up there before the end of the month, I can pick up 2 free guest tickets and go on buyone-getone free tours.

This is too good to be true.  I hafta call ’em in the morning and see if its amazing of a deal as I hope it is.

Anyone up for an impromptu roadtrip?


Best Pizza in Atlanta?

21 08 2008

Who has the best pizza in Atlanta? Add your comments!

I went to Fellini’s tonight, and it was one of the best slices they’ve served me in a long time. When I first moved to Atlanta 2 years ago, I liked Fellini’s because it was new and exciting, but also because it felt so comfortable and at home. I couldn’t wait to make this my usual hangout. I live halfway between 2 locations; I winter at Howell Mill and summer in Buckhead because the patio’s monumental fountain does a great job of gurgling away the sounds of peachtree street traffic.

Soon, I’ll live a block from the Fellini’s on Ponce, and then it really will be my late night snack shop. The great thing about Fellini’s is that its open late and open early. You can sleep in and start the day off with pizza or you can be out partying late and starving, and Fellini’s is there for you too (till 2am). Many a good time!

I bring almost everyone from out of town to Fellini’s, because the pizza is fresh and delicious and cheap! But also because Fellini’s caters to every slice of life there is in Atlanta. Sitting at a table, you can look around and see every demographic and clique Atlanta represents. There’s the hip-hop crowd, the emo-kids, the buckhead betties, power suits, muslim women donning headscarfs, GA Tech students, young professionals of every color, black kids with mohawks, white kids with grillz, large hispanic families, church groups… you name it. You’ll even see the occasional Atlanta bum passing on the sidewalk outside.

Fellini's Veggie Slice


At Fellini’s you can create your own pizza by choosing your toppings to cover either a flat crispy crust or a fluffy thick sicilian crust. Or, you can choose from 5 Fellini’s favorites:

Spinach & Mushroom, Veggie, White Pizza (Mozzarella Cheese, Fresh Garlic, Oregano, Ricotta Cheese) and the ‘Fellini’s Special’ (Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Italian Sausage, Onions, Meatballs, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Green Olives and Extra Cheese). They are all delicious. I rotate between favorites. Currently I’m stuck on the veggie. The veggies are so fresh and crisp, its great. The white pizza is very special. Its good on its own, but sometimes I add fresh tomatoes or broccoli. Menu

I’m not sure that its the BEST pizza place in Atlanta, but overall for quality of food, ambiance, and price, its my current favorite. My second favorite is Vespucci’s on Peachtree Street near the High Museum. They have fun slices, such as broccoli chicken, bbq chicken, meat lovers, etc. They’re mostly a lunch scene, though.

I still haven’t tried SLICE.

Its not often that I don’t enjoy a pizza, but Fritti at Inman Park served up a bland Neapolitan pizza. Of course, americanized pizza is more flavorfully robust than the subtle flavors of Italian pizza. But having sampled my own Neapolitan pizza in its city of origin, Naples, Italy, I have to give 2 thumbs down to the pizza I had a Fritti. Everyone else at my dinner party seemed to be okay with it, but the sausage and peppers pizza was so bland. I will give them credit for having unique toppings, but the calzones looked more appetizing. Fritti means something like “fried” in italian, and their fried appetizer croquets of cheese and rissotto are very good. But I don’t reccomend the pizza.

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Every girl loves a musician.

25 09 2007

Here in Hotlanta, everyone’s a musician or a wannabe or a dj.  You encounter at least one of the above daily.  Yesterday on the bus home from work, I sat down next to Glenn G, wearing all black, black sunglasses, and a black golfers cap.  He is the lead singer/bassist in a funk band that I promised to check out someday.  Today on the elevator, a muscular black man in a throw back jersey was trying to pawn off his poetry jazz demo tape to a strangely dressed black man wearing sunglasses, a braves cap, a falcons jersey, a gucci travel bag, and carrying a Dallas Cowboys’ football helmet. 

Since moving to ATL, over 20 assorted men have introduced themselves to me as a DJ of some sort, and I have yet to receive a mix tape!  That’s all I’m asking for!  I couldn’t even get my ex-boyf. to make me one, even after I helped him untangle a mess of wires from his turn-table setup.  Sigh.

I can’t explain to you why girls love musicians.  We just do.  Even if a man plays the kazoo, we’ll take that and cherish it.  Even if a man played the banjo back in the fifth grade, we’ll ignore the dorky insinuations and sigh dreamily, hoping that his once musical talent may one day resurface into a glorious serenade.  I don’t actually know if a banjo serenade would be any good, but every girl loves a good serenade. 

I myself have only been serenaded once.  It was on a train from Munich to Daccau, about 2 years ago.  I was traveling with this guy Andrew, who was so cool and so much fun.  Upon discovering that I didn’t know a single Johnny Cash song, he sang me every song he knew, which lasted the entire train ride.  Somehow, the Germans didnt seem to mind since he sang it well with a deep voice. It was a full train, and he was the only one standing in our train car, with his leg propped up on a ledge, posed in the Captain Morgan style.  It was the best! 

Sidenote on Andrew:  one of the coolest guys ever.  One of the only men I regret not having kissed.  One of the only men in my bustling Munich hostel that didn’t try to kiss me.  One of the man-liest, most polite texas gentleman ever.  Big as a lumberjack, always carried me with him to the front of the line.  Talked cars, drank beer, ate schnitzel (deep fried porkchops)  every day for a week.  We’d wake up, head to the Augustiner brewhaus (the best) have lunch, drink dark tasty Bavarian beer, walk the city, take a nap, wake up for happy hour at the hostel, drink alot of Paulaner, then find random misfits to troll the night with.  Definitely one of the best weeks ever.