More flossing, less fillings

28 10 2008

I got a filling at the dentist’s office yesterday.  It’s still a little sensitive now, and the left side of my mouth misses the taste of food.  The most painful part of the experience was paying the bill.  The last time I had a filling was when I was in middle school, and my parents footed the bill.  I will definitely take flossing more seriously now.

Seriously, it did make me think about the thousands of people who have no health or dental insurance, let alone well-trained doctors and dentists as we do here in the U.S.  Can you imagine getting work done without the anesthesia? 

I know that universal healthcare seems too extreme for most Americans, but other countries make it work.  It’ll be tough transitioning, but the economy and our government is capable of the task and hopefully voters will make their intentions clear and the lawmakers we vote into office can focus on getting it done.


Cheating Patience

6 09 2008

I understand that the game of life has its ups and downs.  If this were Monopoly, I’d be that broke fool who invested too much in the wrong squares.  A few bucks from bankruptcy, the game has lost all fun, and I’m dying for a “Go to Jail” card.  Quite comfortably, I’d park my silver little pawn in the Jail.  Sitting in time out, safely watching the game of life proceed, protected by the bars of my cell…  Then, when the world was finally on my side, I could come out and play.

Better yet, I’d like to cheat patience by hibernating through all of life’s current frustrations.  Wake me up when enough time has passed to heal my heart, calm my soul, and freshen my outlook.  Life has been so exhausting lately, that I could surely use the beauty sleep.

I blame my biological clock.

1 09 2008

He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I blame my biological clock.  How else can I explain being so attached to someone not right for me?  He is the first man I could envision myself having children with.  A year ago, I remember laughing to my friends that Brandon was imagining what our kids would look like.  Mentally, I was so far from that. And now its a year later, I’m totally baby-crazy, and I don’t like it one bit.

Yesterday, a Range Rover passed our car and I asked Brandon if we “could get a Range Rover and have babies”.  I had a dream once that I was picking up my two kids from school.  I was parked out front in a beautiful black Range Rover with the other parents, opening the doors to the back seat.  Two little boys come running out to meet me, and I had a big smile on my face too, happy to see them.  Two happy, rambunctious boys that looked alot like Brandon.  When I told Brandon about it, he was intrigued that I was coming around the baby-bend, saying that twins ran in his family. 

I’m not the only one; I know his biological clock is ticking too.  Every now and then he admits to thinking about babies.  Once, he wanted me to put a pillow under my shirt so he could see what I’d look like pregnant.  I definitely declined, unready to see myself in that way.  He even had a dream of us as a family with children.  When I asked how he descibed me to his friends, he said “Lynne is the kind of girl you settle down with and have babies.” 

Maybe I was in the wrong place at the wrong time as well.  Perhaps its too dangerous for two people who care about each other  to have biological clocks that tick so madly.  I have been waiting so long to catch up with all my girlfriends who have been baby crazy for such a long time.  And now the baby craziness is kicking my ass, making it harder for me to let go of Brandon and the hope that we will make a family one day.


2 08 2008
Lyn-Lyn before she learned how to smile =)

Lyn-Lyn before she learned how to smile =) Check out those sexy legs, huh??

I just turned 26, and I am only now just starting to have decent nicknames.  I blame it on the fact that my name is already one-syllable.

Family nicknames from people who supposedly love me:

Lyn-Lyn. Ling-Ling. Lang-Lang. Squirt. Polongpong. Pumpkin. Four-eyes. Skinny. Ning! 

I will forever be Lyn-Lyn to my relatives who have known me since I was a pre-schooler.  Even today, if I called one of their phones, and said I was “Lynne,” they’d have to pause for a clueless minute, forcing me to say “Lyn-Lyn” and then they know exactly who they’re speaking with.

Not so cute names given by people who are supposed to be my friends:

Linnie the pooh. Little Lynne. Lindemere. Short Stuff.  Linn-ey.

How the boys holla.

Gorgeous. Beautiful. Cutie. Shorty. Shawty. or my favorite:  “Hey Girl…”

This year, I’ve finally gotten good nicknames. 

One guy consistently calls me Gorgeous, which is alright by me. 

Brandon calls me Sunshine, which I love!

A friend recently called me Linn-ey, which I used to hate, but I think I’m okay with now.

If you have any suggestions on nicknames, I’d love them…. try to keep the derogatory ones to yourself, though! LOL


16 07 2008

Originally blogged 6/6/08

My second full-fledged good day in a row. WooHoo! And it all started with an amazing dream….

The best part of the dream was that I had a new man. I rarely have dreams with mysterious men as my partner. In those dreams, I’ve never remembered their faces, it was always a generic white dude, naturally resembling the shell of my first love. In this dream, he not only has a face, but he has a name!!! My friends are meeting him for the first time, outside a movie theater, and he extends his handshake and nervously says, “Hi, I’m Jeremy.” He speaks slowly, and I can tell that he is genuinely shy at meeting new people. This is so uncharacteristic of the men I date in reality. He extends his hand to my friends, and I am holding his other hand, wanting my friends to see what wonderful things I see in him. He is tall and handsome, clean cut and seems to be the All-American boy. He is not overly attractive, nor overly well-dressed. He has a comfortable style, seems really laid back, has a great smile and an infectious laugh.

So, if anyone knows a Jeremy, I’d like to meet him. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone by that name nor anyone who looks like what I recall from the dream. I’m thinking of creating a personals ad, just for kicks.

Update: I got 4 responses:  3 jeremy’s and 1 Bill. LOL… I never wrote them back because I didn’t expect anyone to reply…maybe I should, although its been a month.  Stay tuned….

I could tell that there were alot of dream sequences bouncing through my mind last night, I can only remember the ones that started and stopped between my smashing of the snooze button…

Tons of my friends made special-guest appearances, which is always a hoot. Between smashing the snooze button, the scenarios changed from bittersweet post-breakup cuddling & conversation with the ex then a scene where I kept locking doors and unlocking doors like that scene from the Matrix with the keymaker. I think the ultimate goal was welcoming my Dad home, like my sisters and I used to do everyday when he came home from work. Picture 3 noisy young daughters running to the driveway every afternoon, followed by a round of hugs and kisses. My co-worker was just commenting on how great it was for his daughter to do this, and how sad he’ll be when she’s too old to care about her old dad. Weird how random events trigger your dreams.

We’re the Planeteers. You can be one too.

23 03 2008

Captain Planet

I am studying for the LEED Exam. I have 8 days left. I still have over 100 pages left to read before I can even get to the cramming. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Buildings are certified. Professionals who take the exam are accredited. You get to put “LEED AP” after your name as an appellation. Extra stuff after your name is waaay cool.

It looks great on your resume if you’re in the construction industry. Sustainability is totally in right now. Its all over the place in ways I never imagined it could ever be. “Green design” first became a buzz word to me 5 years ago, sitting in Professor Moussatche’s lecture. It seemed so simple at the time. Why wouldn’t people want to design buildings that were good for the environment?

Seemed like the next step up for a former planeteer. I wonder if Captain Planet is still on tv somewhere. He still has a website. The original planeteers are on there still, too. I just looked up the actual running dates of the cartoon, because I’m a nerd who likes to be right about things. Drumroll, please: 1990-1993. Wikipedia also says they’re planning a feature film in 2009. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Eh, Viet and I will probably go see it on opening night. I should start looking for an outfit. Maybe I can score a vintage Captain Planet t-shirt from the thrift shop. I’m a size 8 in little boys t-shirts, as long as my head fits through. People, start helping me look for one, please?

In all seriousness, I’m desparately searching for a planeteer’s ring. You know, “Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart… Go Planet!” Don’t pretend you don’t know.  Watch them in action.  Don’t shake your head at me in disapproval, either. You know you love the Captain Planet song. If only I was savvy enough to get the song included here. Yay! Anyway, I think if I pass this LEED exam, I’m getting a ring for FIRE. Because fire is the coolest. Some of my friends have recently passed the exam…I think we should all get rings. Don’t you? I’m debating whether it should be a cheesy plastic thing, like the kind you used to get from the gumball machine…it’d be totally old school. Do they even have those gumball machines anymore? I don’t think I’ve seen one in forever. OR… I could get a cute ruby ring…its my birthstone anyway. Hmm. We’ll see if I pass, first.

This has already been a haphazard, stayed up too late to make any sense sort of blog, but…. Can I admit this? When I was little I had a crush on Wheeler. Yeah, the fiery redhead. Yes, I know he was a cartoon, but frankly, I thought he was cuter than whatever Disney prince cartoon was out at the time, but never had the guts to argue my case during our cafeteria crush sessions. Besides, Fire is the best power. Second choice would be wind, because the cute blond girl was so perfect for that role. I remember she was gorgeous and delicate and blond, and even though she was a cartoon character, I wanted to be her.

Humor me, which planeteer was your favorite, and/or which one did you want to be? Earth, wind, fire, water, heart? Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you choose Heart.

I’m clean!

30 12 2007

For better or worse, my old high school friends and I have been conducting a certain ritual amongst ourselves. It starts with checking each other’s fingers for rings of engagement or (gasp!) wedding bands. The hand check is never very discrete. There’s a tendency for someone to demand that we all put our hands out on the table. Instead, everyone puts their hands in the air, like a stickup and states, “I’m clean!”as if we were checking for stds. Surprisingly, no one in our core group is married. Everyone’s such a good catch, that its always a surprise to me to see some of my friends still un-engaged, or even single. They’re just really good, quality people.

This year, all but one of my guy friends is single. They say all the good girls are either taken or too hard to find. I agree. Where are all the good ones? Probably hiding at home and leading quiet lives. That’s why you rarely meet them in bars and clubs. My personal theory is that all the good ones are stuck in mediocre relationships trying to rescue, help, save, or encourage otherwise unequal partners. This is why I always tell good people that they deserve better, and that the perfect partner is out there looking for you! Because its true.

One friend has been in a long relationship, and still doesn’t see the need to get married. I agree with her angle: there’s too much I want to do before i cross that bridge. My old college roommate seems to be in a blossoming romance. I was sad not to meet her boyfriend this trip. Another dear friend is dating a nice girl whom he feels 80% compatible with, and is wondering and waiting to see if she’ll fill out the other 20%. His relationship and its problems are eerily similar to mine, particularly the challenges of trying to date someone too busy to spend time with you. We joke about whether it’d be a better idea to date each other and maybe our partners would be better suited for an equally busy-body. I joke that they’re so busy that they wouldn’t even notice us going awol.