Best Pizza in Atlanta?

21 08 2008

Who has the best pizza in Atlanta? Add your comments!

I went to Fellini’s tonight, and it was one of the best slices they’ve served me in a long time. When I first moved to Atlanta 2 years ago, I liked Fellini’s because it was new and exciting, but also because it felt so comfortable and at home. I couldn’t wait to make this my usual hangout. I live halfway between 2 locations; I winter at Howell Mill and summer in Buckhead because the patio’s monumental fountain does a great job of gurgling away the sounds of peachtree street traffic.

Soon, I’ll live a block from the Fellini’s on Ponce, and then it really will be my late night snack shop. The great thing about Fellini’s is that its open late and open early. You can sleep in and start the day off with pizza or you can be out partying late and starving, and Fellini’s is there for you too (till 2am). Many a good time!

I bring almost everyone from out of town to Fellini’s, because the pizza is fresh and delicious and cheap! But also because Fellini’s caters to every slice of life there is in Atlanta. Sitting at a table, you can look around and see every demographic and clique Atlanta represents. There’s the hip-hop crowd, the emo-kids, the buckhead betties, power suits, muslim women donning headscarfs, GA Tech students, young professionals of every color, black kids with mohawks, white kids with grillz, large hispanic families, church groups… you name it. You’ll even see the occasional Atlanta bum passing on the sidewalk outside.

Fellini's Veggie Slice


At Fellini’s you can create your own pizza by choosing your toppings to cover either a flat crispy crust or a fluffy thick sicilian crust. Or, you can choose from 5 Fellini’s favorites:

Spinach & Mushroom, Veggie, White Pizza (Mozzarella Cheese, Fresh Garlic, Oregano, Ricotta Cheese) and the ‘Fellini’s Special’ (Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Italian Sausage, Onions, Meatballs, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Green Olives and Extra Cheese). They are all delicious. I rotate between favorites. Currently I’m stuck on the veggie. The veggies are so fresh and crisp, its great. The white pizza is very special. Its good on its own, but sometimes I add fresh tomatoes or broccoli. Menu

I’m not sure that its the BEST pizza place in Atlanta, but overall for quality of food, ambiance, and price, its my current favorite. My second favorite is Vespucci’s on Peachtree Street near the High Museum. They have fun slices, such as broccoli chicken, bbq chicken, meat lovers, etc. They’re mostly a lunch scene, though.

I still haven’t tried SLICE.

Its not often that I don’t enjoy a pizza, but Fritti at Inman Park served up a bland Neapolitan pizza. Of course, americanized pizza is more flavorfully robust than the subtle flavors of Italian pizza. But having sampled my own Neapolitan pizza in its city of origin, Naples, Italy, I have to give 2 thumbs down to the pizza I had a Fritti. Everyone else at my dinner party seemed to be okay with it, but the sausage and peppers pizza was so bland. I will give them credit for having unique toppings, but the calzones looked more appetizing. Fritti means something like “fried” in italian, and their fried appetizer croquets of cheese and rissotto are very good. But I don’t reccomend the pizza.

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Breakfast at the White House

19 04 2008

White House Restaurant/3172 Peachtree RD NW/Atlanta, GA 30305/404-237-7601

Yesterday morning, my friend and I tried out a new breakfast place, the White House Restaurant in Buckhead. Food being good, the most interesting part of the experience was sitting in this atmosphere that felt a million miles from typical Buckhead. The Buckhead portion of Atlanta is generally characterized by flashy money, well dressed people in expensive cars, and the accompanying elitist attitudes. I had heard of the White House once before in Creative Loafing. They mentioned it was a place for powerful Atlanta businessmen to eat. They probably get their haircut in the equally unpretentious barber shop next door. According to a charmingly handwritten sign, you can get a discount haircut by using your White House dining receipt. Coupons in Buckhead? The restaurant is hidden in a tiny strip of shops on Peachtree Street. The exterior looks like its from the 1970’s, totally unpretentious for Buckhead, aside from the shop selling silver gravy boats. The restaurant itself is an old-time diner; you can sit at a booth or at the bar. The walls are lined with faux wood paneling and photos of past presidents, keeping with the White House theme. I always enjoy an establishment with patrons of all different colors and ages, we seemed to be amid the Saturday morning soccer family crowd. Surprisingly, for good quality food and service, there was not a line going out the front door. I’ll count that as a major plus, next time I want to avoid the crowds at Crescent Moon or Flying Biscuit. Give it a try.

The food was good old fashioned diner, without being too greasy. It was affordable, for a Buckhead breakfast. Two breakfasts for about $23bucks. I had sausage links and French toast with bananas browned into them (a nice touch). My vegetarian friend had grits, home fries, and banana pancakes. I was disappointed the cranberry juice was a cocktail instead of 100% juice, but my friend got surprisingly fresh-squeezed orange juice. We both came with a craving for pancakes topped with fresh banana slices, whipped cream, and walnuts. They served a decent alternative, but was surprised the bananas were integrated inside, rather than on top. I settled for honey when they didn’t have any whipped cream, which is a major strike for me. Whipped cream is one of the only things you can count on at IHOP.

Service was good and quick, our waitress was attentive, and things were going good. The diner was already packed with tables, but they seemed a comfortable distance apart. We had a good seat when we first arrived, but later a large party dispersed, and the staff moved an empty table literally 6 inches from ours. Two minutes later, a couple sat down, and it felt like they were sitting with us at our table. I didn’t know whether it was more rude to introduce ourselves and laugh about it, or just pretend they never happened. In the end, we tried our best to ignore each other, but it was fairly awkward being shoulder to shoulder with them. Luckily, we were near the end of our meal. On the way out, I spied some mighty tasty looking lunch plates that I’ll definitely have to come back and try later.

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The IKEA feast

19 04 2008

I go to IKEA just to eat sometimes…no inexpensive Swedish designed furniture required. If you’ve never had the food at IKEA, go now. Get there faster… its yummy and cheap. Their chicken fingers and fries are suprisingly tasty. I wonder if its because all the major fast food spots have eliminated trans fats… yummy. They just started serving spaghetti and garlic bread with their traditional Swedish meatballs…what took them so long to connect the dots?

My sister and I have a tradition when she comes to visit. She gets a tray of chicken fingers and fries. I get a tray of swedish meatballs and veggies. We push our trays together and SHARE. It is one of the few times my sister and I have successfully shared something. And, it is one of the few times I allow others to eat off my plate without me stabbing them with my fork. Sharing soon succumbs to stealing. We start in on a slice of chocolate layer cake when we have finished 90% of the meatballs, then eat 90% of the cake, fighting over the best bites, then eat the last of the meatballs with the last of the cake. I have stolen the last meatball and the last bite of cake 2 times in a row. This is a feat when you’re in the ring against my sister.

Random Traffic

17 02 2008

Its amazing to me that people actually read this blog. I’m terrible at keeping it consistent and updated.

The quick skinny is: I’m still alive, I’ve been busy studying, I’m still questioning whether my boyfriend and I are right for each other, I still eat 6 times a day, I still wish I had biscoff cookies, I still have the best friends and sisters in the world. I still try to treat people the way they want to be treated. Its simple, really.

But the random traffic I get has been soooo amusing to me. Thanks to friends who keep up and the random strangers. Check out what search engine terms have led people to read my blog. Crazy fun.

Search Engine Feeds

Yum! chemicals!

21 01 2008


I just saw this really interesting post exposing the truth about ingredients found in your favorite foods and health products.  Check it out.

And THIS Is One Of My Favorite Foods?

There was a time when I didn’t care about food labels, other than which package was more colorful, or which character seemed friendlier on a box of cookies or cereal.  Then my metabolism slowed down and I started looking at calories and fat content. 

These days, I try to eat natural, if not organic foods, and cut down on the overprocessed, synthetic crap that I think is helping make people sick by loading their bodies with unnatural chemicals that throw off their body’s normal balance, and possibly form carcinogenic matter.  I’ve been eating natural foods for about a year and a half now, and that’s long enough to taste the chemicals in the foods I used to eat, particularly low-fat, low-sugar foods that I used to think were good for me.  Or worse, non-organic vegetables and fruits that everyone assumes are healthy, overlooking the chemical coatings used to grow perfectly shaped, colored, and waxed produce. 

Sure, I thought “organic” was just a marketing scam to jack up the prices of food.  But I can assure you that if you give it a try, you’ll taste the difference, and you’ll like it.  Shopping at farmer’s markets helps me keep the price almost as low as “dirty” produce at the supermarket. 

The downside, however, is reading the food labels of your past favorite foods and cringing as you think of the chemicals packed into them as preservatives, synthetic sugars, and food coloring.  M&M’s are about the only food colored item I can tolerate.  I cringe when I see my friends drinking soda…there’s nothing natural about that.  But I’ll admit, the shot of whiskey I’m dropping into my coke makes for two necessary evils on an occasional Friday night.

Day One

30 07 2007

Yay! I am finally starting a blog today, after years of dismissing it as a fad, and even more years of sitting on my list of things to do.

I hope that my joining does not catapult this blogging phenomenon into the has-been pile. But hey, facebook is still around, and i actually have friends there, eventhough it took me almost 3 years to sign up. Better late than never, eh?

If you don’t already know, I’m a hopeless neurotic. I’m always creating blog entries in my head. Just today, I had so many experiences to share with people. Being a fan of lists, here is the first of many…

1. Laughing out loud reading Annie Choi’s memoir/comedy Happy Birthday or Whatever: track suits, kim chee, and other family disasters. This will be the first book I’ve read since last year, so its a big deal for me to finish it. I actually stayed in on a Saturday night to read, and even kicked a man out of my apartment, (who i once was excited about) just to get back to the book.

2. Eating All I could eat at Golden Corral: Where else can you get shrimp, steak, yams, corn bread stuffing, rice krispy treat, and those amazing honey yeast biscuits? That was my first heaping plateful. For dessert, I had a brownie, bread pudding, chocolate soft serve cone, and another piece of steak. It was yummy, although not my best performance.

3. Viet’s lawn is out of control. I fear he will be getting another sharp letter from the homeowner’s association. Thank goodness they can’t see his backyard. Some of the grass is past my waist height. I suggested he incorporate it into his Big Brother/Little Brother bi-monthly quality time. Maintaining the lawn is a very masculine activity. A rite of passage, even. I figure if he lets the kid use one of Viet’s many samurai swords, that lawn will be cut in no time. Viet suggested a different approach: putting 22’s on his lawn mower, maybe even with spinners.

4. The new church i go to is always a new experience, having grown up in the Roman Catholic tradition and now enjoying the non-judgemental, expressive, emotionally charged, crying, singing, dancing, and most of all, loving community at Hillside Chapel of Truth. No, its not a cult. Come with me and see for yourself.
During the service, a man my age started crying tears of joy and healing. As he hugged the closest body he could find, he kept repeating, “Thank you….Thank you God for loving me.” His tears brought me to tears and made me realize that while I had said thank you to God fifty times today in meditation, I was thanking him for my blessings: my good fortune at work, having no worries this past week. But I overlooked the most basic blessing that makes all things possible. God loves me. Unconditionally. Even when I screw up. Even when I forget to think about God, God is thinking of me. Even when I’m changing my outfit 3 times, making me late for church, God still loves me. He loves everyone. Somehow that basic principle had been lost in me for almost the last 20 years. Having been printed on everything from t-shirts to stickers to slap bracelets, it had lost its meaning in my youth, only to be smothered by rules and duties and rituals that would somehow make God happy, and not mad, and not send me to hell. I don’t even think hell exists anymore, but that’s a whole nother story.