About Lynne

This blog is all about living life with an open mind.   I often say that my hobby is Talking to Strangers and Trying New Things.

Overtime, this blog has told more stories than it probably should…

Today a friend complimented me on how honest my blog is.  I can’t help but be honest and all-telling.  In fact, it requires much more effort for me to filter my crazy thoughts and emotions.  There is rarely a time that I am absent-minded… my mind churns constantly as it analyzes life’s opportunities.  My closest friends always know when I am contemplating something interesting, always trying to shake it out of me when they see my eyebrows crinkle or see me smile at my own amusement.

25 Random Things about Lynne

1. I love lists.
2. I am easily recruited for random acts of gluttony.
3. I am a totally different personality in work situations where I’m tense, cautious, and very quiet.
4. I am addicted to watching Heroes (still on season 2)
5. I think its absurd to be a fan of products on facebook and not be getting paid for advertising, Suckers.
6. Yoga changed my life.
7. I will write a book one day… I wish I wrote the dictionary.
8. My roommate and I are each cooking one new recipe a week. Some of them bomb. Don’t ask about the salt cod.
9. I want to start a dozen websites, but haven’t learned how to do it yet.
10. Well-designed cars turn me on. Really.
11. I have a scavenger-hunt list of types of men I’d like to kiss before I get married.
12. I have a blog with 38,250 hits. http://www.lypala.wordpress.com
13. I like to eat things as big as my head (cookies, sandwiches, pancakes)
14. I am finally over my ex-boyfriend. I am single, but not quite ready to mingle.
15. Don’t ask me if I have a boyfriend unless you’re willing to introduce me to a likely candidate.
16. I am terrible about calling people back.
17. A booming voice in my head says “INAPPROPRIATE” whenever necessary.
18. I have a Crush whom I keep hoping to run into on the elevator.
19. I only like to run into my arch-nemesis fashion rival when I look stylish enough.
20. I love to travel. In 2005 I quit my job and backpacked though Europe on my own.
21. I want my own motorcycle.
22. I have no debt, zilch.
23. I am saving up to buy a condo in midtown.
25. I am most comfortable with strangers.


2 responses

13 03 2008
Lynne's somewhat invented life

Great introduction, Lynne. I am so happy to share a name with you.

16 07 2008

ok…i know i could just tell you this in person but I thought this would be inspiration for your emerging ideas….read this post and look at the links.


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