Best Easter Ever

27 04 2009

No bunnies, No easter eggs. Just beach, rum, shrimp, sun, starbucks, rhinestone jeans, and a fancy slick new purse.  I went home for Easter, the weekend following the big exam, and really got to relax, sunning on the beach, eating good food, laughing with my family.   We ate steak twice that weekend.  This is an understatement of how this was the Best Easter Ever.

Easter weekend we celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday.We set out early for a prime spot on Clearwater Beach, directly adjacent to Frenchy’s cafe.  My dad waited an hour for the beach bar at Frenchy’s to open, and I assume they let him in early as he was pacing back and forth from the closed door to our spot on the water every 10 minutes.  That day, my mom refused to leave the water, and my dad refused to leave the bar.  So, being the kind daughters we were, we shuttled back and forth between them, taking turns to have lunch with the old man and read trashy magazines with my mom.  We made my dad look so popular, 3 different young ladies coming to visit him at the bar. =)  I offered to pick up his tab, hoping it wasn’t going to be a large fortune.  I tried to get him to drink something different than the Budweiser that filled his fridge at home.  My middle sister and I were all up for the experimentation.  Trying to balance our “innocence,” we stuck to the fruity concoctions like Pina Coladas.  Then we decided to try the house-special Rum Runner.  Two sips later, it hit me…this was a damaging drink disguised with fruit.  Long story short, my Dad’s 60th birthday was the first time I was trashed in front of my father, let alone at lunchtime.  It was one of the best times my Dad and I shared. I was so drunk that after nap/ hour’s drive to the outlet mall, I had to get coffee to sober up.  As soon as they helped me out of the car, I announced to my mother and sisters that I shouldn’t be allowed to buy anything in my condition.  I then announced that I needed Starbucks and all drinks on me, which everyone took full advantage of.  I’m not sure who did the most damage… my sister’s who spec’d out fancy coffee drinks, or my mom and I who are Starbucks illiterate and ended up with giant cups of expensive mystery caffiene.  Needless to say, I quickly became a very awake drunk, who seemed even wittier and hilarious than my usual self.  Some would argue that, but who needs them?




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