Singing in the shower

2 03 2009
LaLaLa, brmmp brmpp, Batata LaLa

LaLaLa, brmmp brmpp, Batata LaLa

I sang in the shower today.  It was fun. It was silly.  It was tremendously gratifying to express myself in a series of random sounds and humming.  Every time I came close to humming a recognizable tune, I veered sharply into another random melody.  I laughed at myself several times and that felt even better.  My eyes closed tightly against the shower spray and soapy foam, there were moments where I became so attune to the rapidly randomly developing tune that I found myself dancing a little, and then laughing at myself as soon as I noticed.

Try it.  It feels really good.

For some reason, it felt more powerful knowing someone might hear.  The walls in my apartment are thin.  I often hear my roomates, as well as my neighbors.  To blatantly be foolish in the presence of others.  Releasing a slight self-insecurity out into the world.  Try it.

Scientific Study backs me up:  Singing could reduce your pain and prolong your life




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