25 Random Things About Me

3 02 2009

1. I love lists.
2. I am easily recruited for random acts of gluttony.
3. I am a totally different personality in work situations where I’m tense, cautious, and very quiet.
4. I am addicted to watching Heroes (still on season 2)
5. I think its absurd to be a fan of products on facebook and not be getting paid for advertising, Suckers.
6. Yoga changed my life.
7. I will write a book one day… I wish I wrote the dictionary.
8. My roommate and I are each cooking one new recipe a week. Some of them bomb. Don’t ask about the salt cod.
9. I want to start a dozen websites, but haven’t learned how to do it yet.
10. Well-designed cars turn me on. Really.
11. I have a scavenger-hunt list of types of men I’d like to kiss before I get married.
12. I have a blog with 38,250 hits. http://www.lypala.wordpress.com
13. I like to eat things as big as my head (cookies, sandwiches, pancakes)
14. I am finally over my ex-boyfriend. I am single, but not quite ready to mingle.
15. Don’t ask me if I have a boyfriend unless you’re willing to introduce me to a likely candidate.
16. I am terrible about calling people back.
17. A booming voice in my head says “INAPPROPRIATE” whenever necessary.
18. I have a Crush whom I keep hoping to run into on the elevator.
19. I only like to run into my arch-nemesis fashion rival when I look stylish enough.
20. I love to travel. In 2005 I quit my job and backpacked though Europe on my own.
21. I want my own motorcycle.
22. I have no debt, zilch.
23. I am saving up to buy a condo in midtown.
25. I am most comfortable with strangers.




One response

24 02 2009


1.) I am addicted to coffee, art, photography & films made before 1960.

2.) I’m a die-hard Hopeless Romantic.

3.) I look forward to a day when I when I am able to feed my son more than ramen or cereal for dinner.

4.) I like to think I am a good person… no matter what I’ve done in the past

5.) I’ve worn every size bra from A to DD. I’m back down to an A 😦

6.) I wasted $10,000 in 2007 and by March of 2008 I was that much in debt.

7.) I believe the cure for anything is salt; sweat, tears or the sea!

8.) I hardly ever answer my phone, unless it’s Fred, Jeremy or Daizy

9.) If I don’t get out of Alaska soon, I think I might stab somebody.

10.) I hope to someday be a public relations specialists operating in either Vegas or NYC

11.) I want to visit Spain, Italy and the Hagia Sophia before I die

12.) The only poem I’ve ever had published (of the hundreds) was the one written about the day I conceived my son. I think that’s special!

13.) I really wanted to be “the one” to love him forever and have his baby

14.) I’m hard to handle after only 2 drinks

15.) I cannot stand ignorance!

16.) I always fall for the wrong guy

17.) “Aint No Thinkin’ Thing” Trace Adkins is the only song I can play on bass guitar

18.) I sometimes wake up early on weekend mornings just to lie in bed and listen to ‘Classic Country Weekend’

19.) I found my heart at Residence Inn (twice!)

20.) I lost my virginity at the age of 18

21.) I will encourage my son to be honest, open and affectionate- if that makes him gay, then so be it.

22.) I believe in soul mates, fairytales and true love.

23.) I often wish I could relive my adolescents knowing what I know now.

24.) I could eat pineapple everyday for the rest of my life and never get sick of it!

25.) I secretly love Britney

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