16 01 2009
That's not a house!  It's a CASTLE!

That's not a house! It's a CASTLE!

Its 55 minutes past my midnight bedtime and I’m contemplating who I can recruit to come on a last-minute adventure to Asheville.  I have already figured out :

HOW (drive 3.5 hours north of ATL)

WHEN (3 day weekend, duh MLK)

HOW MUCH (hotel: $50-$70, food: $20, gas $20, Biltmore pass $40)

WHY ( The Biltmore estate is the largest private residence in the US, and it is pretty cool to visit even if you’re not a history lover like me.  The Vanderbilts were ridiculously rich and lavish that their crib still wows people today.  For instance, they had a heated swimming pool WITH underwater lighting at a time where no one for miles around them even had hot water.  Their home has a private gym, a bowling alley, you get the picture.  I was there a few months ago for the Christmas tour and it was really beautiful, all decorated.)

For the month of January, annual passes for the Biltmore are only $40 with amazing perks.  A typical one day admission is $33 for adults, and if I can make it up there before the end of the month, I can pick up 2 free guest tickets and go on buyone-getone free tours.

This is too good to be true.  I hafta call ’em in the morning and see if its amazing of a deal as I hope it is.

Anyone up for an impromptu roadtrip?




2 responses

16 01 2009
Ric Morgan

It was the Vanderbilts not the Biltmores. To be specific it was George Washington Vanderbilt that built Biltmore. It opened on Christmas Day 1898.

16 01 2009

Biltmore is nice…don’t they sometimes do wine tastings up there?

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