The man I’m looking for

11 01 2009

i’ve been trying to stay away from boys for the last 2 months.  I told myself that I could start back up in 2009, and its still a bit premature maybe.  Boy crazy nonetheless, a girl like me can’t help it.  I’ll never be a man-hater.  I love men just too much.

So this weekend I dipped my toe in the pool to see if the water felt okay enough to jump into the singles scene.  NOT READY YET.

I liked being out on the social scene and getting compliments and talking to strangers. I liked that I wasn’t comparing every man in the bar to my ex-boyfriend. I didn’t like feeling guilty about looking/talking to new men, eventhough Brandon and I broke up months ago.  I didn’t like that being a single girl wasn’t as fun as it used to be, mostly because I don’t actually want to be single now nor in the future.  I didn’t like how hard it is to be optimistic about meeting new singles. I’d say that only 2% of the men in any given bar are compatible with what I’m seeking in a partner. My top 5 requirements beyond physical attraction:

1.  Someone who tries hard to treat others the way he wants to be treated.

2. Someone who is always interested in improving himself through education, hobbies, eliminating bad habits, and most importantly, Trying New Things.

3. Someone who is confident in his self and his abilities, someone who is not shy and not afraid to sing or dance in front of strangers, especially on an empty dancefloor without a sip of alcohol courage.

4. Someone who can take care of himself (cook/clean/laundry/liveable income/good credit/low debt ratio/doesn’t live with his mama)

5. Someone who is open to being in a serious relationship if and when they met the right girl.

Is that so much to ask?  I realize that my top 5 requirements are asking for a male version of myself, but that goes to show that those are really important things to me.




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25 02 2009

I”ve just discovered “The Real Reasons Men Commit” I love the book and I’m pretty sure I would’ve picked t up even if I were single. It’s very enlightening! Check it out and happy reading!

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