How to talk to girls in bars/clubs

11 01 2009

Its a simple process of elimination when meeting a stranger.

Round 1:  Must be polite in approach and be able to hold an interesting conversation.  I respect the courage it takes to approach a total stranger and I think it deserves a woman’s attention as long as the man is polite.  It also deserves a polite “No thank you” if necessary, but I think that a woman should at least wait till round 2.  Ask her, “Do you come here alot?”  or “Is it always this crowded/empty at this bar?”  Something general.

Round 2:  Must not be physically repulsive.

Round 3:  Must say or do something to make me crack a smile.   Tell me a funny story.  Compliment my appearance.  Make fun of my height deficiency.

Give a man 5 minutes before you reject him for lack of sparks (both physical and personality).  Polite strangers deserve a respectful and honest rejection.  Can you believe tonight my girlfriends would rather falsely claim to be lesbians than to say no thanks to a guy who was nice enough to offer them a drink?  [rolling eyes in disgust].




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