Cheating Patience

6 09 2008

I understand that the game of life has its ups and downs.  If this were Monopoly, I’d be that broke fool who invested too much in the wrong squares.  A few bucks from bankruptcy, the game has lost all fun, and I’m dying for a “Go to Jail” card.  Quite comfortably, I’d park my silver little pawn in the Jail.  Sitting in time out, safely watching the game of life proceed, protected by the bars of my cell…  Then, when the world was finally on my side, I could come out and play.

Better yet, I’d like to cheat patience by hibernating through all of life’s current frustrations.  Wake me up when enough time has passed to heal my heart, calm my soul, and freshen my outlook.  Life has been so exhausting lately, that I could surely use the beauty sleep.




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