Building an Army

28 08 2008

I’m building an army.  An army of men to protect me from my feelings for Brandon.  An army of men that show me affection. 

It is working. (Somewhat.)  The army is keeping me busy, keeping me from calling Brandon or having time to feel sad.  The army reminds me everyday that I am a special person who deserves to be happy.  The army also reminds me that there are alot of really good men out there, and there’s no reason to be so damn focused on the one man I miss so much.

Just so you don’t think I’m a major bitch, I’ve decided to self-sabotage myself (to be fair) and tell them my current situation (just broken up, not 100% over you know who.)  Lets hope they don’t ask for an actual percentage…at least for a few weeks, giving me a chance to get that ratio down to something less pathetic than 99% still in love with the ex.




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