2 08 2008
Lyn-Lyn before she learned how to smile =)

Lyn-Lyn before she learned how to smile =) Check out those sexy legs, huh??

I just turned 26, and I am only now just starting to have decent nicknames.  I blame it on the fact that my name is already one-syllable.

Family nicknames from people who supposedly love me:

Lyn-Lyn. Ling-Ling. Lang-Lang. Squirt. Polongpong. Pumpkin. Four-eyes. Skinny. Ning! 

I will forever be Lyn-Lyn to my relatives who have known me since I was a pre-schooler.  Even today, if I called one of their phones, and said I was “Lynne,” they’d have to pause for a clueless minute, forcing me to say “Lyn-Lyn” and then they know exactly who they’re speaking with.

Not so cute names given by people who are supposed to be my friends:

Linnie the pooh. Little Lynne. Lindemere. Short Stuff.  Linn-ey.

How the boys holla.

Gorgeous. Beautiful. Cutie. Shorty. Shawty. or my favorite:  “Hey Girl…”

This year, I’ve finally gotten good nicknames. 

One guy consistently calls me Gorgeous, which is alright by me. 

Brandon calls me Sunshine, which I love!

A friend recently called me Linn-ey, which I used to hate, but I think I’m okay with now.

If you have any suggestions on nicknames, I’d love them…. try to keep the derogatory ones to yourself, though! LOL




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