Take me out to the ballgame

16 07 2008

Turner Field

This is the view from the All you can Eat seats at Turner Stadum. I am sitting near the very top of the upper deck. The game was pretty boring, almost no score for most of the game. I’m glad I didn’t leave early, though. The Braves won the game in the last 2 innings, beating the Seattle Mariners. Oh, and I made it on the jumbo-tron, since the guy in front of me was dancing in his Braves’ jersey.

The second most interesting thing was having a heart to heart talk with one of my close friends husbands. He asked where my boyfriend was, and I had to update him on the break-up. My friend’s husband, Tim, and I get along well, but have never spoken about my love life before. It was really surprising for him to take an interest in it. When I told Tim it was a peaceful breakup, and that we would continue to be friends, Tim said not to give up on my ex, that sometimes it takes longer for relationships to penetrate the male psyche. Suddenly realizing that Tim had “strong and silent” qualities similar to my ex, we started discussing the communication challenges. Tim’s wife is very outgoing and speaks her mind and feelings, very similar to me, while Tim is very reserved, whether he is feeling excited or frustrated, making it hard to understand where he’s coming from. So I picked his brain, and he reassured me that even when a man doesn’t say nice things about you, doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking nice things about you. That if feelings in the relationship are solid, alot of times, its just communication that kicks everyone’s ass, and there’s no reason it should.

I know the ex and I care about each other very much, but trying to decipher his silence is killing me. Tim’s insight reaffirmed that I shouldn’t be taking his silence as an insult. Its just him being himself. Now my focus is on figuring out how he communicates what he feels, and most importantly, what he feels about me.




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