16 07 2008

Originally blogged 6/6/08

My second full-fledged good day in a row. WooHoo! And it all started with an amazing dream….

The best part of the dream was that I had a new man. I rarely have dreams with mysterious men as my partner. In those dreams, I’ve never remembered their faces, it was always a generic white dude, naturally resembling the shell of my first love. In this dream, he not only has a face, but he has a name!!! My friends are meeting him for the first time, outside a movie theater, and he extends his handshake and nervously says, “Hi, I’m Jeremy.” He speaks slowly, and I can tell that he is genuinely shy at meeting new people. This is so uncharacteristic of the men I date in reality. He extends his hand to my friends, and I am holding his other hand, wanting my friends to see what wonderful things I see in him. He is tall and handsome, clean cut and seems to be the All-American boy. He is not overly attractive, nor overly well-dressed. He has a comfortable style, seems really laid back, has a great smile and an infectious laugh.

So, if anyone knows a Jeremy, I’d like to meet him. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone by that name nor anyone who looks like what I recall from the dream. I’m thinking of creating a personals ad, just for kicks.

Update: I got 4 responses:  3 jeremy’s and 1 Bill. LOL… I never wrote them back because I didn’t expect anyone to reply…maybe I should, although its been a month.  Stay tuned….

I could tell that there were alot of dream sequences bouncing through my mind last night, I can only remember the ones that started and stopped between my smashing of the snooze button…

Tons of my friends made special-guest appearances, which is always a hoot. Between smashing the snooze button, the scenarios changed from bittersweet post-breakup cuddling & conversation with the ex then a scene where I kept locking doors and unlocking doors like that scene from the Matrix with the keymaker. I think the ultimate goal was welcoming my Dad home, like my sisters and I used to do everyday when he came home from work. Picture 3 noisy young daughters running to the driveway every afternoon, followed by a round of hugs and kisses. My co-worker was just commenting on how great it was for his daughter to do this, and how sad he’ll be when she’s too old to care about her old dad. Weird how random events trigger your dreams.




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