Triple Flash

22 04 2008

This is amazing stuff. Check out the photos on this site. They’re amazing and inspiring, and each image tells a story deeper than just a thousand words. The layering and juxtaposition of imagery weaves stories that leave me speechless.

Here’s the photographer’s own description:

no photoshop is used to create these images (beyond cleaning a bit of dust off the scans)… my multiple-exposure shots are created on a lomo lc-a camera… first the roll is shot all the way through, then rewound, and shot on again, and for triple it’s done a third time… no planning is done… just the random world as it comes across my lens…

Sounds cool, huh? Can someone tell me how I can do this? At one point, he and a friend would shoot through a roll, and then mail it to each other to shoot a roll from their side of the world. Can you imagine the layering of images from NYC to TelAviv?




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