The IKEA feast

19 04 2008

I go to IKEA just to eat sometimes…no inexpensive Swedish designed furniture required. If you’ve never had the food at IKEA, go now. Get there faster… its yummy and cheap. Their chicken fingers and fries are suprisingly tasty. I wonder if its because all the major fast food spots have eliminated trans fats… yummy. They just started serving spaghetti and garlic bread with their traditional Swedish meatballs…what took them so long to connect the dots?

My sister and I have a tradition when she comes to visit. She gets a tray of chicken fingers and fries. I get a tray of swedish meatballs and veggies. We push our trays together and SHARE. It is one of the few times my sister and I have successfully shared something. And, it is one of the few times I allow others to eat off my plate without me stabbing them with my fork. Sharing soon succumbs to stealing. We start in on a slice of chocolate layer cake when we have finished 90% of the meatballs, then eat 90% of the cake, fighting over the best bites, then eat the last of the meatballs with the last of the cake. I have stolen the last meatball and the last bite of cake 2 times in a row. This is a feat when you’re in the ring against my sister.




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