We’re the Planeteers. You can be one too.

23 03 2008

Captain Planet

I am studying for the LEED Exam. I have 8 days left. I still have over 100 pages left to read before I can even get to the cramming. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Buildings are certified. Professionals who take the exam are accredited. You get to put “LEED AP” after your name as an appellation. Extra stuff after your name is waaay cool.

It looks great on your resume if you’re in the construction industry. Sustainability is totally in right now. Its all over the place in ways I never imagined it could ever be. “Green design” first became a buzz word to me 5 years ago, sitting in Professor Moussatche’s lecture. It seemed so simple at the time. Why wouldn’t people want to design buildings that were good for the environment?

Seemed like the next step up for a former planeteer. I wonder if Captain Planet is still on tv somewhere. He still has a website. The original planeteers are on there still, too. I just looked up the actual running dates of the cartoon, because I’m a nerd who likes to be right about things. Drumroll, please: 1990-1993. Wikipedia also says they’re planning a feature film in 2009. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Eh, Viet and I will probably go see it on opening night. I should start looking for an outfit. Maybe I can score a vintage Captain Planet t-shirt from the thrift shop. I’m a size 8 in little boys t-shirts, as long as my head fits through. People, start helping me look for one, please?

In all seriousness, I’m desparately searching for a planeteer’s ring. You know, “Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart… Go Planet!” Don’t pretend you don’t know.  Watch them in action.  Don’t shake your head at me in disapproval, either. You know you love the Captain Planet song. If only I was savvy enough to get the song included here. Yay! Anyway, I think if I pass this LEED exam, I’m getting a ring for FIRE. Because fire is the coolest. Some of my friends have recently passed the exam…I think we should all get rings. Don’t you? I’m debating whether it should be a cheesy plastic thing, like the kind you used to get from the gumball machine…it’d be totally old school. Do they even have those gumball machines anymore? I don’t think I’ve seen one in forever. OR… I could get a cute ruby ring…its my birthstone anyway. Hmm. We’ll see if I pass, first.

This has already been a haphazard, stayed up too late to make any sense sort of blog, but…. Can I admit this? When I was little I had a crush on Wheeler. Yeah, the fiery redhead. Yes, I know he was a cartoon, but frankly, I thought he was cuter than whatever Disney prince cartoon was out at the time, but never had the guts to argue my case during our cafeteria crush sessions. Besides, Fire is the best power. Second choice would be wind, because the cute blond girl was so perfect for that role. I remember she was gorgeous and delicate and blond, and even though she was a cartoon character, I wanted to be her.

Humor me, which planeteer was your favorite, and/or which one did you want to be? Earth, wind, fire, water, heart? Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you choose Heart.




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30 03 2008

Wow…the Planateers. I think if were a Planateer I’d be water or earth. Earth because it would be cool to move the ground below you, and water cuz it’s universal. As the great Bruce Lee once said….”When you put water in cup it becomes the cup. If you put water in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Water can flow…or it can CRASH. Be like water my friend.” Plus all the powers (with the exception of heart) can put out fire. Speaking of heart…that’s a pathetic power. I think they found out last minute that they didn’t have a hispanic demographic and just madeup one last minute. I remember they made an episode just about how he was important too. Even the writers felt sorry for the guy. haha…thanks for the post that took me down memory lane.

19 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Marla.

8 10 2008

If you want a cheap version of the rings:


Otherwise, I’ve seen the mint versions on Ebay.

P.S. I wanted to be Earth.

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