Action Plan 2008

27 12 2007

New Year’s Resolutions 2008:

1. Books to read: Finish the White Book. Read Beginner’s Guide to Enlightenment. Read a book about reincarnation. Finish the Fountainhead. Read Atlas Shrugged.

2. Get my Interior Design license by taking the NCIDQ exam in April. Not procrastinating the studying part.

3. Get accepted into Georgia Tech and Boston Architectural Center. I’ll decide later whether this is the year to go back to school.

4. Get fluent speaking Spanish. I can read and write muy bueno, pero hablo muy dificil y no rapido.

5. Learn a new language: Mandarin Chineese? The market is exploding! German? Open the doors to Berlin!

6. Decide whether to travel through Southeast Asia with rowdy boys or Motorcycle through Central or South America with Liza.

7. Practice relaxing. Try meditation. Learn to breathe fully.

8. Break a board with my hands, martial arts style. Reach a clarity and focus beyond fear.

9. Eat healthy home cooked meals.

10. Go to the gym. Burn fat. Increase flexibility. Get some upper body strength. Yuck! pushups.

11. Blog consistently and keep things accurately updated.

12. Save and invest my money in long-term and short term accounts.

The Near Future: Before I’m 30 years old in 4 and a half years:

1. Get my interior design license. Get LEED accredited.

2. Graduate with a Masters Degree in Architecture… the only way to grow into management at LAS. Full-time, it would take 3 years.

3. If I started this year, I’d have enough time to get a Masters in Building Construction, too. Awesome for starting my re-development company.

4. Live overseas for 6-12 months, immersed in another culture, if not another language. Studying abroad would be uber efficient.

5. Happily engaged or married…only if I meet the right person. Otherwise, living a fabulously single life of freedom, spontaneity, and adventure.




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