8th Year Reunion

27 12 2007

Class of 2000…that was a long time ago. I’ve known these kids for 10 years, now. Wow.

Today was by far, probably the best day of 2007. It started with brunch at Cracker Barrel. SI showed up late, of course. There was talk of Mr. Folsom’s last day at the high school. We reminisced about legendary pancake days, and SI mentioned that she had found a map to his house when her parents were cleaning out her old bedroom. “We should visit him!” It was a good idea, made better by adventurous counterparts who drove back to SI’s house, found the map, and decided to give Mr. Folsom a call before banging on his front door. I left a voicemail….and he called back. I was too excited and nervous that I passed the phone to SI. and we invited ourselves over. We had perfect timing…the Folsom’s were leaving for a wedding in California the next morning, and would soon be moving to Greenville, South Carolina. It was our last chance to visit, say our thank yous, and show him that we turned out A-okay. We were in the car and at his doorstep in 20 minutes. It felt like the A-team jumping into the van. We spent 2 and a half hours there, reminiscing about high school Physics. Moreover, we reminisced about a group of us girls showing Mr. and Mrs. Folsom how to keep their adopted Chineese baby girls Asian: coming over to his home and cooking stir-fry and eggrolls for he and his wife, teaching them to measure rice with bare hands rather than a measuring cup. Their interest and embracing of the Asian culture was so genuine and humble, that we loved teaching them the unknowns. Chloe is now 8 years old and almost as tall as me. She seems to be an amazing older sister to Emily, who is 15 months old and almost as precious as my God daughter Chee-Chee.

On a roll from contacting the Folsom family, and because we were already deep into “the Burg” known as St. Pete, we tried calling ND and BG. NG had left a voicemail, sounding so upbeat and refreshed, and happy. Not what I expected from an almost doctor busy with her rotations. I didn’t even expect her to be in town. We booked her for drinks that evening. When she arrived, she was more beautiful than I remembered her, beaming with a glow of a happy new relationship. She said it was the worst timing, and I told her that it was probably going to be an important relationship, as the unexpected ones are always the best. I was really happy for her. Their relationship seems so pure.

Then we called BG for the second time, at his parents house. No answer. I left another voicemail, somewhat less embarrassing and giggly than the first one this morning. That one was a disaster. SI and SM made me laugh and I couldn’t control my laughter enough to finish listing my contact number. Looking at the clock, SI said he was probably still at work. So I GooglePhoned his company’s name. Ring.Ring.Ring….

“Hello?” An old man’s voice answered. I started freaking out, thinking that GooglePhone was so accurate that it gave me Charles F. Young’s direct line!

“Is this the Charles F. Young Company?”

“Yes.” the old man replied. I asked for our friend, using his proper legal name, and my friends in the car with me burst into laughter, which of course is contagious to me! Once on the line with him, I told him to meet us at 8:30 tonight. I then apologized for bothering him at work and for the other 2 ridiculous voicemails I left at his parent’s answering machine. All the stalking was worth it, to have him come out tonight. We hadn’t seen each other since I was prepping to backpack Europe in late 2005. We talked business, how some people are natural leaders and great with people, and others aren’t. How it didn’t become apparent till we witnessed co-workers older than us who just didn’t have those essential skills. We talked about how getting an MBA seemed like a good idea, since so many of our friends were doing it, but how an MBA is part of the 10-year plan. The 5 year plan is priority. And since i’m neurotically goal-oriented, I got so excited that I wanted to rush home and remember, re-evaluate, and rewrite my 5 and 10 year plans.




One response

2 01 2008

.. it’s George F. Young silly ;-p
.. i agree, it was a day to remember.. well its a toss-up between that or the day my car got towed..

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