My favorite things

24 12 2007

To combat my crankiness, I am forcing myself to make a list of things that make me happy…

Hoodie sweaters.

Ice cream:  dippin’ dots, space ice-cream, all 31 flavors, and of course, fro-yo

crotchless panties:  hearing about them used to scare me, but now it makes me laugh

pictures of my god daughter Chee-Chee.  she looks like a porcelain doll.

Chris Brown singing and dancing

Brandon saying, “This is my jam…. This is my jam!”

miracle skin moisturizers

cracker barrel food and fun store

my family and friends


slow dancing out of the blue

time to read books

time to blog


flip flops

my paycheck

being wrapped in a man’s arms

kisses long and short

new pajamas

biscoff cookies- I’m only allowed to eat 4 cookies a day, and I they’re so good!

deep discounted stuff at the store.  why pay full price if you can avoid it?

marshmallow jackets, motorcycle jackets

r&b songs:  112, neyo, faith evans, chris brown are on my playlist of the moment.

not breaking the Big Kahuna




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