MVP = Midnight Kiss

30 11 2007

If you haven’t gotten the memo, the season for cuddling up and coupling up is now over.  If you haven’t met a special someone by Black Friday, don’t worry.  That’s one less Chrismahaunakwanzza present you won’t have to fret over.  People you meet past Thanksgiving weekend probably won’t merit the hassles of a holiday gift exchange. 

According to the glaring countdown clock at my gym, we have 32 days, 1 hour, and 45 minutes till the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.  We have one month to choose, not find someone to lock lips at midnight. If part of a dynamic duo, one must decide if she really wants to ring in the new year with him, or start fresh.  Is he someone you’d be happy to spend 2008 with?  Hopefully so. 

For a singleton, forgo the panic and step up to the starting line, ready to play as soon as the whistle blows.  No cuddle buddy = No limitations.  I happen to view kissing as a sport.  It happens to be my best and favorite sport.  Single in December parallels to drafting a fantasy football team.  You have prospects.  They are well-dressed, gorgeous, funny.  They have performance stats.  They shine in different areas, from holding the elevator open for you to delivering your starbucks with a smile.  You rate them every week, wondering and exploring which one makes the best kisser, because the gold medal round is a one-on-one contact sport.  Only the MVP makes it to the Midnight Kiss.

Not that you need to kiss anyone on New Year’s Eve…. I’m just saying its more fun to be pro-active and make a game out of it than feel sorry for your lonesome self when everyone else is smooching at Midnight.  Sure, kissing the MVP may be kissing an almost stranger, but where’s the harm in that?  Besides, instead of everyone at the party talking about “Poor So-and-So without a date,”  they’ll be trying to find out who and how you met this wildly attractive stranger……  On your mark…. Get set….. Go!!!!!  Only 31 days, 11 hours, and 59 minutes till 2008.




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