Happy Halloween

1 11 2007

What I’m listening to:  Thriller-Michael Jackson, Grey Album- Jay-z/DangerMouse

What I’m snacking on:  Peanut M&M’s, courtesy of Amber.  I’m down to two blue M&M’s.  Supply is critically low.  I am starting to panic, as this is the last of my Halloween rations!

All dressed up and nowhere to go…seems to be the theme of my 2007 halloween activities.  Rather than be bummed about Halloween falling on a Wednesday, I have been excited by the prospect of Taking Back Wednesday, and giving my friends a legitimate excuse to come out on a weeknight.  Unfortunately, there seems to be nowhere to go.  Nowhere promising, anyhow.  All my usual haunts appear to be closed, and I am searching in every direction for a fun time.  Its starting to frustrate me.

My costume this year is wicked cool.  I am Little Red Riding Hood…from the Hood.  I’ve got my red caped hood, flashy shades, and all the bling bling neccessary, minus the grill.  After much convincing and watching of the “i’m so ‘hood” music video, my friends talked me into wearing the grill to complete my costume.  However, I couldn’t get it to fit in my mouth this weekend.  Bummer, but notsomuch, since I heard that alot of fake teeth have lead paint in it, courtesy of “Made in China.” 

I’ll post a pic as soon as I figure out how.  Thankfully, the new guy, always eager to take photos of me, had his camera on hand. Especially since he and the camera were the only ones to see me dressed up on Sat. nite.  At the end of our date, I changed into my costume and he was going to drop me off at my friend’s party, but we never found the house and by then it was too late to join my friends at the club.  So Saturday was a crapshoot, and hopefully tonight won’t be.

Has anyone ever heard of spankrock?  I am very new to this musical genre, encountering it while looking for tonight’s activity.  Devlin & Darko are 2 Djs spinning a danceable yet interesting mix of music.  Check it out:  http://www.myspace.com/baltimorebassconnection




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