Talking to Strangers

25 09 2007

This weekend I went to an industry conference for young architects and young contractors.  I attended the welcome reception solo, and actually felt nervous about meshing with the crowd.  It was hard to find a conversation or table to slip into.  They were all talking about people and places i knew nothing about.  Finally, I gave up and decided to sit at a table where I could just enjoy my appetizers.  I feel super fortunate to have sat at the right place at the right time.  From that moment on, we had non-stop fun.  I really can’t understand why old architects and old contractors are always at each other’s necks.  I think the conference was a success in breaking those stereotypes and grudges. 

Having lived in Hotlanta for only a year and a half, it was pretty exciting to be able to show our new Kansas City friends a good time.  They seemed to enjoy my favorite local haunts.  Upon arriving at Neighbors in the VA-HI, the bouncer mentioned that there were alot of KC kids tonight.  We asked where the rest of them were, and he pointed to the “ones in the black.”  We glanced over, and saw 3 gorgeous black girls wearing shrunken tank tops, boy shorts, and fishnets.  They were seriously all leg.  At first, we laughed it off and chris muttered an “I wish…” and then we realized that they were carousing with our crew! We drank the shots the girls were promoting and made plans to wear our matching “Wide Eye” promotional shirts at the conference.   It was possibly the most fun Thursday nite out I’ve had ever.  That sums up the weekend.  We were always the table having the most fun, anywhere we went. 

We went to all my favorite places.   Front page news patio, the rooftop bar at Shout, the dancefloor at Sutra, the plastic tables and chairs at Neighbors.  They all really enjoyed it.  But what the liked best was the Claremont Lounge.  If you don’t know what it is, I can’t mention it here, other than its “where strippers go to die.”  That tag line instantly ignited a buzz through the conference.  Everyone wanted to know more.  Many wanted to go.  Many got grossed out.  For some, that made them want to experience the spectacle even more. 

After a year and a half of not wanting to go, I and 8 of my closest friends and strangers ventured into the Claremont Lounge.  I finally gave up my hesitation and disgust for 2 reasons:  1.  my girlfriends went  a week prior and said they actually had a good time; 2. something about hanging out with people on vacation makes me feel like I’m on vacation, and when I’m on vacation, things get wild.  When I’m on vacation, I’m meeting all sorts of random strangers who i’ll never have to see again, and I love random strangers.  I am more comfortable with random strangers than with my own friends sometimes, because I really don’t care about what they think of me and I can really let loose.  We don’t owe each other anything in that moment we meet, and we never know how long we’ll share that moment.  Luckily, the moment with strangers lasted an entire fun filled weekend.  I got loud and excited, and laughed alot, and sometimes drank too much.  We never all did make it to the hotel hot tub, though.  I guess it leaves something to strive for next time.  Can’t wait to make it to Kansas City sometime…. y’all owe Lucy-licious and Lynne-alicious a good time! 




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25 09 2007
Viet Huynh

Lynne’s the life of the party. WOOHOO! You even beat me in going to the Claremont Lounge.

27 09 2007

I am one of the ‘strangers’ who was blessed with your presence. I want to reiternate how that moment changed the course of our trip. What started out as sharing appetizers ended with a bond that will forever link us to the images of Dorothy, peach cobbler (yes Chris, al a mode), creepy guy, Sutra, Shout, Front Page, a Frat Party and several taxi drivers. Thank you Lynne for sealing our fate that magical weekend in September.

27 09 2007
B Roth Atlanta Style

Luscious Lynn,

You and Lucy Goosey were great hosts and wonderful Ambassadors for Atlanta, GA. I can’t wait for you all to come to KC. Unfortunately the Gentlemen’s Clubs here aren’t near the experience that you will find in Atlanta. Wife said she liked the Cleremont shirt, but she still hasn’t worn it so I am thinking maybe not.

Once again thank you for the great time. We couldn’t have asked for a better group to hang with. Just wish I would have remembered the actual seminars. Vetter and I had to get up in front of 50 strangers and tell them what we learned in Atlanta, he focused on the classes while I explained more of the networking aspects of our trip. Good Times.

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